Introduction to A2

We are a male two piece group who deliver an energetic, professional performance and one of the most new exciting groups. We play a wide range of classic rock & roll covers ranging from Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix with a bit of Irish folk thrown in for good luck....

We have four hours of fast and furious live music. All the backing tracks we use, we have recorded ourselves. Whilst recording these backing tracks we filmed the sessions and play it all back on screens during our performances which helps gives a feel of a full group playing. We are currently the only group that do this.

All the music and film recording take place in two studios: A2’s own recording studio which is lovingly referred to as ‘The Shed’, where a lot of time is spent arranging, recording the initial click tracks, recording most of the main tracks using a variety of instruments, backing vocals, then finally the mastering and film editing.